Bodies On Power

#102 - 500 Vee's Drive
(near the roundabout on Power)
Penticton, BC

The Science of Whole Body Vibration Training

This technology produces quick results. Mechanical vibrations produced by the base plate on this equipment are transferred to your body. Varying levels of contractile force, fiber and frequency summation takes place in your muscles. For skeletal muscles, the force exerted by the muscle is controlled by varying the frequency at which action potentials are sent to muscle fibers. The use of Whole Body Vibration technology rapidly stimulates the muscles while allowing the user to take a more passive role: muscles do not have to work as hard as they do in the mainly concentric and eccentric contractions usually associated with weight training. Instead, this specially designed vibration technology transfers the optimum frequencies for your muscles to benefit from an isometric workout as well. This fast paced contracting and relaxing burns fat and works the muscles in 3 ways - concentric, eccentric and isometric - with little to no post exercise muscle soreness from lactic acid build up.

Muscle Strengthening

A vibration plate that pulses at 40Hz means your muscles will be forced to contract about 40 times in each second, or 2400 times each minute. These incredibly fast movements allow your body to expend enormous amounts of heat and energy. Burning energy helps with weight loss. This fitness program also helps to increase your muscle strength and provide a clear definition of your muscles, as well as improve your overall athletic capabilities.

Increased Blood Circulation and Improved Flexibility

Muscles trained through vibration exercise not only get stronger but also improve flexibility and mobility. When you use vibration exercises, the muscle tissues warm up and increase blood circulation and flexibility. When your muscles receive highly oxygenated blood, the time required to obtain a certain level of flexibility is dramatically decreased. A high level of oxygen in your blood also helps efficiently detoxify the body. Negative substances such as toxins that cause your body to ache are more easily removed.

Other Proven Benefits

  • Increased Bone Density
  • Increased Physical Performance
  • Increased Rehabilitation Recovery
  • Improved Mobility and Balance
  • Improved Range of Motion
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Increased Blood Oxygenation