Bodies On Power

#102 - 500 Vee's Drive
(near the roundabout on Power)
Penticton, BC

The History of Whole Body Vibration

Vibration training has been around since the 1960's. Rhythmic Neuromuscular Stimulation, or RNS is the technical term physiologists use to explain "cyclical vibrations". Cyclical vibrations are used to rapidly improve joint flexibility.

The technology was designed by scientists working on the prevention of the increasing osteoporosis problems. RNS was a great success when first employed to train astronauts. Those who received RNS training managed to stay in space up to 4 times longer than those who didn't.

Results obtained from astronaut training made RNS technology through Whole Body Vibrational (WBV) equipment, well-known worldwide. In space it is used to overcome the effects of micro-gravity and on the ground it is adapted to train high-level athletes.