Bodies On Power

#102 - 500 Vee's Drive
(near the roundabout on Power)
Penticton, BC

Our Vision

At Bodies On Power we want to change the way you view fitness!

The idea for BOP was born from a personal truth that the key to a long lasting relationship with fitness and well-being is to have the opportunity to expose our bodies, our senses to variety and enjoyment. In a welcoming and comfortable environment we wanted to present and make available to all, a veritable “buffet of classes” for your body and soul that would open doors to discovering new ways to move, to strengthen, to dance, to breathe, to be... we did!

Under one roof, within one studio, a group of gifted teachers/instructors have come together within one fabulous all-inclusive schedule to empower you to create your own unique version of fitness, wellness and balance. You’ll find it all at BOP: dance, conditioning/sculpting, stillness, cardio/aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, stretching, meditation as well a variety of workshops. Whether your desire is to strengthen your body, stimulate your senses, release stress/inflammation, expand your awareness or a combination of any of those, it’s all here.

With almost all classes offered on a 'drop-in' basis, you can decide on the ones you want to take part in any day, any week. Our lives often bring about various unscheduled detours, commitments, hectic weeks and calmer ones... you choose what will work with your life! This way, you only pay for the classes you attend.

... an all-inclusive space where you'll find very few rules but rather choice, variety, discovery and perhaps, an even more vibrant you!