Bodies On Power

#102 - 500 Vee's Drive
(near the roundabout on Power)
Penticton, BC

Meet The Team

Jo Gagné

Owner/Group Fitness/Pilates/Cardio Dance/Personal Training

One of my earliest memories is one of being in dance class trying to 'get it right' along with all the other little girls there. Over the years I trained in ballet, jazz, creative/modern dance, ballroom as well as touching on other styles. I loved it all! I now realize that what I loved most about those years was simply moving to the music in different ways and the sense of playing that was associated with it...such Joy! With this seemingly superficial and fun based approach at heart hand in hand with a deeply inspired intention for well being at every level, that is the spirit with which I teach all my classes.

I have been instructing dance, leading group fitness classes, facilitating workshops and helping clients meet their personal training goals since leg warmers were in style! Since then I have acquired my 'mat Pilates' certification as this was a perfect companion to dance. The body awareness that both these disciplines bring are so valuable. Through the years I've enjoyed witnessing clients/participants develop a deeper appreciation and a more intimate connection with their own bodies while achieving their goals...learning not to impose 'things'/regimens on themselves but rather work in sync with their bodies.

I always knew on some level that variety and the opportunity to try new things was my way to well being, balance and an enjoyable fit lifestyle that would last. I was inspired to co-create Bodies on Power, offering a wide variety of classes for our bodies and soul, empowering individuals to choose their own version of balance and well being and to be inspired to try new approaches to fitness in a welcoming, non-competitive environment. Life is supposed to be fun and to stimulate our senses! I get inspired by so much; my sweetheart, art, my friends, my dogs, being still, words, music and silence... after all, silence is an important part of the music as well.

Carey Swales

Group Fitness/Pilates

Carey is a BCRPA certified Group Fitness Instructor (since 1990) and has completed Mat Pilates training. Carey is a well rounded instructor who prides herself on delivering a varied, well constructed class to all levels of fitness. She has a great passion for fitness and of assisting others in reaching their fitness goals and connecting body, mind and spirit. Carey takes interest in keeping up to date on the latest in fitness by attending various annual Fitness Conferences.

Sarah Mayes

Assistant Manager/Group Fitness/Cardio Dance/Personal Training/Reception

Sarah's segue into becoming a CFES & BCRPA certified Group Fitness instructor came naturally after a childhood and adolescence filled with ballet, jazz dance, hip hop and tap classes. She has been teaching a buffet of fitness classes from aerobics to step, weight training to intervals and beyond since 2005. Music and movement are her greatest inspirations to ensure that the body and mind stay energized and balanced through the alchemy of exercise.

Her joys include taking new fitness & dance classes, friends, time outdoors, family get-togethers and travelling. She is constantly in awe of the uniqueness of every-body and inspired by their willingness to share their personal journeys to increased wellness, connection and equilibrium.

Tegan Graham


Launa Stocker

Group Fitness/Boot camp

I have been sharing my passion for fitness with participants since 1982 when I was first certified as an instructor in Alberta. Upon moving to B.C. in 1984, I became a Supervisor of Fitness Leaders with BCRPA, when eventually my main focus became sports specific cardio-kickboxing type classes. I was introduced to Pilates five years ago and absolutely loved the way I felt after a workout and I wanted to pass this on to others so I studied and became registered as a Pilates Mat Instructor with Evolutions Studio.

In 2006 I decided to take some time off in order to focus on my career as a First Aid and CPR Instructor for the Canadian Red Cross. Although I plan to continue in the first aid field, I miss teaching fitness and so I have decided to come out of retirement and I am so excited to join the team at BOP.

I am proud to be part of a population that does not want age to slow them down for any reason! I feel inspired by people who are open to new and exciting fitness experiences. I love to watch and to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Jen Farnholz

Yoga/Massage Therapy

Jennifer took her teacher training at the Shioki Yoga Studio with Dale Mclean. She has been teaching around the Okanagan Valley and up at Apex for the last 4 years. Jen is a person who loves to change and grow and she finds the Oki-do style suits her personality and lifestyle because of its variety and challenging poses that develop strength and flexibility in a fun and laid back atmosphere. Besides teaching yoga, Jen also helps coach the Kisu Swim club, teaches private swim lessons and has a massage therapy business. Jennifer's favorite quotes are: "learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow"; and "Variety is the spice of life!".

Jen Wheaton

Yoga/Kick Box GroupFitness/Pole Dancing/Personal Training

Jen Wheaton has been teaching the martial arts, yoga & personal lifestyle and fitness coaching in the Okanagan Valley for over 15 years; with another 10 years of coaching experience in her home province of New Brunswick. She holds an 8th Level (2nd degree black belt) in Wing Chun Kung Fu, is a Level 3 Certified Coach with the National Coaching Certification Program and is a Certified Kundalini Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga teacher.

Jen co-founded Kick City Martial Arts in Penticton in 2000 and is now the owner/founder of ~and beyond yoga and healing center where she continues to teach kickboxing, yoga and provide personal coaching services specializing in programs for mental health, anxiety & depression, autism spectrum and ADD/ADHD.


Cara Reinelt


What's in your mug? Today? A tasty London Fog made with love by a co-worker. Usually - Coffee.

What's your favourite song/band of all time? Oh My Gosh... Too hard to choose... The Foo Fighters get pretty loud in the car sometimes.

The best part of waking up is? Coffee. No! Watching the sun rise. No! Watching the sun rise WITH a good cup of coffee.

What do you like best about being an instructor? When I see people ENJOYING themselves. Fitness shouldn't be about torturing yourself. Have fun! Dance, run, lift, rock out.... do what love and you will continue to do it!

What is your favourite food/meal? Popcorn. Always popcorn!

What's something surprising about you? I have a huge fear of speaking in public and being in front of people. Unless I'm in class. Then, you can't shut me up! The music's loud and hopefully everyone is having a great time!

What is a favourite quote or book? The Four Agreements, great advice.

Chanel Graham



Marnie Mennell

Group Fitness/Yoga/Zumba/Spinning

Carolyn Kidd


Alison Thomson